数え方図鑑 The Japanese Counting Method






Do you know how to count in Japanese way?
One, two, three is ichi, ni, san in Japanese.
The Japanese counting method is complicated. It’s not only one, two, three… you should put a word after the number.
The word changes depending of the material because the word is for identifying what the material is.
For example, for human, we use “nin”. it means human. If we count 3 people, we say “san nin”.
On the other hand, for dead people, we use “tai” it means body.
Furthermore, for animals, we count with different words if these are bigger than human or not.
For cans of drinks also, we use different words after the number if the can is empty or not.
Like these, Japanese counting method is details and meaningful.
This book describes not only counting way but also how the words came from, based on theories.
All illustration was finished in 5 months.