ないしょのオリンピック The Secret Olympics

もとしたいづみ 文
やまぐち かおり 絵
さあ、いま だいどころで せいかが ともされました。
ついに オリンピックが はじまります!
After a family left, the stuff from the house started the secret Olympics, how is going to be?
Their Olympics started in the kitchen when Mr. Torch lighted a candle on the gas stove as an Olympics torch bearer.
The live broadcaster is Mr. Announcer which was produced when former Tokyo Olympics held in 1964.
This book has Olympic’s philosophy ”Anyone can take part in the Olympics.The important thing of Olympics games
is to take part in” as the original Olympics used to be.
You can see many different games following the marathon runnners representing rooms, like the entrance,
the children room, the toilet and even the drawer. It looks funny to do Olympic games using stuff from the house, right?
For example, for ring gymnastics, they use mom’s rings, for ping pong, they use a black pepper as a ping pong ball.
All stuff from the house creat their own Olympics by theirself and shared the time to enjoy sports,
In the end, they have a party with the stuff who has known each other during the Olympics.
All illustration was done in 6 months. This book will be released on 24th Octorber this year.
In 2020, Tokyo Olympic will held in summer.